Auto Foolery

Boy, nothing like waiting to the 11th hour to get my post done, but I am, essentially, a very lazy person. It pains me to say this, and I do so grudgingly, through gritted teeth, but, here goes... my point ‘n shoots aren’t good for EVERYTHING!

I'm pausing to wait for the snorts & the “nyah, nayh, toldja so”... Yep, definitely heard something from that corner where Roger lurks. Okay, I’ll explain.

I think the biggest thing I bemoan about my toys is AUTO-FOCUS & their inability to always focus on what I want them to focus on. They have an annoying habit of choosing something completely different from my target, and I have to engage the camera in a battle of wits. Needless to say, I often lose.

Case in point: whenever a lovely weekend is at hand, my beloved (hereby referred to as MB, which is a whole lot better than how I refer to 'beloved son' on my own blog, if you get my meaning) and I like to go out and appreciate nature. This ends up meaning we spend a lot of time appreciating it through a viewfinder. Anyway, I have a fondness for composing scenes with “stuff” in the foreground - branches, grasses, sea oats. Gives it some interest & depth, ya know? This is where the battle of wits begins. The auto-focus is all like “Muaaahahaha!” and I’m all like “Frickety frack, daggummit, rassa frassa!”, except in more colorful metaphors. All on account of this:

WHY does the camera think I want to take a picture of sticks instead of the magnificent blue heron that so fortuitously parked itself nearby? Can't it SEE the bird right there?

If the subject is at a bit of a distance, like the bird, I end up having to move the camera a little bit left, right, up, down, over & over and see if it will lock focus on something other than the twigs. Takes a bunch of tries, but sometimes the magic works.

For just a minute, I was coveting MB's Pentax K30. Anything that I could focus myself. But I shook my brains til it went away. After all, that would be cheating, right?  :-)


One Rotten Apple...

So, in the interest of full disclosure, I forgot something in my last post, namely the smart phone for my job (it’s an iPhone, but I am not, in any way, shape or form, making a product endorsement here). I use it to expand my mind by looking up all of the accumulated knowledge of mankind....and check my Facebook page....and play solitaire. BUT, it also has a camera, which I assume would also be classified as a point & shoot. Here’s my problem. Apple pulled some shenanigans when they upgraded to IOS 5, back last year sometime. It changed the camera feature, but luckily kept the old one as well. So, there I am, at the beginning of the Virginia Creeper Trail in Abingdon, VA on a lovely, sunny day last August. I was taking a walk & getting pictures with the smartypants phone for my beloved, ‘cause we would like to bike this trail sometime. When I got back to the hotel to look at them, huh? The camera saved 2 versions of each picture - one regular (?) and one HD (?). I don’t know.

Virginia Creeper Trail 1aVirginia Creeper Trail 1bVirginia Creeper Trail 2aVirginia Creeper Trail 2b

Virginia Creeper Trail 3aVirginia Creeper Trail 3bI don’t know that either one looks as good as the old camera feature. Would someone please explain this to me and convince me that I should use the new camera after all? Because I haven’t used it since. Went back to the old camera, and I think the pictures are better. This next picture was taken on a recent snowy day (with the old camera feature) when I didn’t want to take my non-waterproof cameras outside. But, I did have the Apple phone with me, so I said to myself, “Self, perchance I couldst capture the wintery goodness with this marvel of technology without destroying it and angering my boss.” Even though I didn’t have my old lady glasses to see the screen, and my fingers were slowly turning to ice, all in all, not so bad I’m thinking.

Elizabeth River Snow

The phone is most excellent at looking up anything you want to know, but not so good at close-up pictures, at least that I know of. If there is a macro feature, I cain’t find it.