Patterns are everywhere, we just have to see them

I got the chance to go to the Brimfield Antique fair in Massachusetts with my cousin two weeks ago.  Three miles of everything from low end junk to priceless furniture.  The two days we spent there couldn’t possibly begin to cover all the booths and cool things.  I wasn’t there to shop, but to shoot.  We’ve discussed how to keep yourself challenged as a photographer through self assignments.  I decided that I wanted to try and capture patterns.  I also knew that it is the details of the antiques which always draw my interest, so I would only shoot with my lovely 105mm Macro lens.  It has such fine control of the depth of field and is a “fast” f2.8 lens.  I knew that under the tents the light would be dim and variable and this was going to be the perfect lens.  One of the first booths we found was selling old fishing gear.  Lobster pot buoys and big fish hooks. 

Did you ever wonder where all the ring and glove mannequins go to retire?  My cousin pointed out the answer.

More antique sporting equipment, some from the 1930’s, all of it lovingly restored and stunningly expensive.

I loved this box of old gears.  What had they run? Why did they stop?

Wooden type from an old print shop, lined up waiting for the next job, which will never come.

The play of light on handblown glass proved interesting to catch.  Two minutes later the light changed and that image could never be captured again. 

Go out this weekend, it’s fall and a beautiful time to take pictures.  Send us your best pattern shots, we will post them right here.

I’m looking at you!