Market Time Is Here Again!

This last weekend we braved the cold and got up at a very uncivilized 0400 hour to head down to DC and see the cherry blossoms at sunrise.  Unfortunately the cold weather delayed the cherry blossoms and they were not at full peak.  We had 11 members of our Fauquier Viewfinders Camera Club and no one was ready to put their cameras away.  I had not been over to the Eastern Market since it reopened after its terrible fire, but thought it would be cool.

First we stopped at a little coffee shop so we could warm up.  The group then spread out both inside the main hall and then outside to the farmer’s market.  It was still nice and early so the light was lovely.  It was cool watching the group swarm on the vendors.  They were good sports about it. 

I knew I wanted to shoot my 105 macro and so I was definitely up close and personal with the kale and peppers.  For each shot I kept, I shot a bunch more.  It is interesting to see how just a shift of an inch or two changes the photo.  Some changes are subtle, others pretty dramatic.

Apparently, we were not the only ones who found the morning chill a bit much.  This young lady was keeping her critter—Dog, ferret??, close to share the body heat.

Time to get out to your local farmer’s market—a good tip: offer to share the good images with the farmer.  Be sure you get an email address and provide a fair use statement, so that if they use it on their webpage, you can get photo credit.