Look up in the sky, it’s a bird…

By Mark

We recently held our company Senior Management Offsite down in the mountains of VA at the historic Omni Homestead Resort.   The resort is built around mineral hot springs that have been attracting visitors for hundreds of years.  The facility was gorgeous and the staff took great care of us-I think they tried to feed us 12 times a day-sort of a non-moving cruise ship, except that the food was incredible.  

As with most of our offsites, we put in some long days and serious discussions on just where we are going as a company.  It didn’t leave a lot of time for wandering around and shooting photos.   Wayne and I got up before sunrise on the very first morning to take a hike up the hillside.  I wanted to catch the sunrise coming over the mountains.  Unfortunately, it was fairly overcast, so not much of a dawning.  It was also really, really cold.  As we headed back down the trail, the view of the hotel itself was quite compelling.

We always include some type of leadership team building and they are usually fun and challenging.  This year we divided up into teams from across the company to get a chance to work with people we don’t see very often at all.  We had to sign a bunch of waivers-which made a few people nervous.  We wound up on the skeet range and really had a blast…  

Their range masters took their safety precautions quite seriously—many of these folks had never touched a gun before.   

They did seem to like helping some of our folks more than others.   

I got a lot of photos of unharmed clays whizzing across the sky.  

I put my camera into shutter priority at 1/1250th of a second and added 1/3 EV exposure compensation before I managed to accomplish what I was aiming for with my camera.  It took a lot of luck and timing to catch one just as it was being hit by the pellets.  

I got a few where the clay and the pellets were both visible.   

Some of our groups were quite skilled and the clays exploded frequently.  

From the Gun Club, you can look across the gap and see West Virginia.  

Heading back down, you get a pretty good view of the expanse and the elegance of this lovely resort.   

I plan to go back when Sarah and I can just kick back and enjoy the quiet corners of the property.