Another Point of View

Those who have read my facebook posts know that I am out this week enjoying my honeymoon.  I knew I needed a blog for the week, so I asked my friend Aneda Smith from McAlester, OK to fill in for me.  My wife and I have known her since high school. She recently picked up the camera again, and I might be slightly to blame.  Aneda has a wonderful eye, and I wanted her to share some of her thoughts and the images she has captured. I’ve loved photography since I was a child. I remember hanging upside down from a tree limb with a cheap little 110 camera just to capture something from a different angle. But like so many others who live the John Lennon quote life is what happens when you’re busy making plans, I find myself far from childhood diving headfirst into an exciting albeit challenging hobby.

Oddly enough it was through Facebook and other social media that I connected with friends, both old and new who reignited my interest in photography and who were kind enough to guide me. Through research on my own and discussions with them, I was able to determine which camera would be best for me. I don’t mind admitting that the day my camera was to arrive, I stalked the FedEx truck to ensure I didn’t miss him.

From that day forward I have been in search of the elusive photo, the one with the proper exposure, composition, and aperture. My home is now littered with books on the subject…Nikon D90 for Dummies, Scott Kelby’s Lightroom 3, and Exposure by Sean Arbabi. Terms like ISO, EV +1 or -1, tungsten and white balance have invaded my dreams. Sadly, I’m not joking about the dream part. Sorry Robert Redford, you’ve been replaced, at least temporarily.

I’ve also become a pest to those friends who have helped me so much as I now seek their opinion on the photos I’ve taken. Just as in the scenario where a wife asks her husband “do these pants make my butt look big”, a spouse who thinks his dinner or sleeping arrangements might be impacted won’t bother to truly critique a photo.

I’ve attended two photography workshops. The first one, presented by the owner of a photography shop was disappointing. The photographer/instructor was erratic in his presentation and seemed much more interested in showing his own work without any real lesson plan. The other was presented by Digital Days and was so interesting, offering everything a beginner and or beyond beginner would want. I was even able to photograph live models, which was so exciting considering birds, flowers, and an occasional stray dog have been this empty nester’s only subjects.

I learned this weekend at a photography workshop that the Greek meaning of photography translates to “writing with light”. I love this as it gives the act of picture taking a romantic, if not ethereal presence. I believe that just as an aria or poem can stir the soul, a picture can have the same affect.

So, if you are like minded, pick up a camera and write, with light!