Support a Charity

By Roger (12 June 2016)

We make a very conscious effort to limit our blogs to photographic topics. Occasionally, we bend our rules to discuss topics about which we are passionate and still connect them to photography.

Both Mark and I support several charitable organizations and supporting your favorite charity is always a good thing. Of course, they request money for their operations, but they also need other types of support – including photography services.

The range of charities you can choose to support are as varied as the type of photography support they need. They need photo restorations, archival work, recording of events, and almost any type of photo work you can think of. There are even several photography-specific charitable organizations, if you prefer those. You can find a charity to match your area of interest, with very little effort. Give them some help.

Like many families, we have had several close family members afflicted with cancer, so, those charities are high on our list. This weekend, several of our family members participated in a Relay for Life walk. My wife's school sponsored a tent for the walkers, and I shot a few photographs for them. Besides the emotional Survivor's Lap, the organizers set up personal luminaires that honored those who were still fighting cancer; those who were survivors; and those who lost their fight. The luminaires lined the walking path and spelled out HOPE on the bleachers.

The Survivor's Lap

Personalizing the luminaire

Since I'm talking charity, another charity I have worked with (although I'm overdue for more support) is St. Mary's Home, link, in Norfolk, Va. Please give them a look and a donation. St. Mary's is a long-term pediatric residential care facility dedicated, exclusively, to children with severe physical and intellectual disabilities. It is one of only approximately 100 facilities of its kind, nationwide. The kids there can always use your support.

St. Mary's Fun Run

So go support a charity of your choosing. You can give them money, but your time and services may be even more helpful. They can use your photos as part of their advertising or publicity for their sponsors. You'll get a warm fuzzy and good karma for helping a worthy cause.