Perfectly Clear for Landscapes

By Mark

Last week I wrote about how much I like this plug in for quickly and effectively editing portraits.  It also has settings for Landscapes and for fixing dark images.

With just basic Lightroom adjustments

With just basic Lightroom adjustments

With Perfectly Clear applied

With Perfectly Clear applied

I have to say that I don’t think it is quite as good on those as it is on people.   The top level menu is exactly the same.

The presets only impact the top part of the adjustment menu.

They pump up the vibrancy and detail and they certainly have a visible impact as can be seen from this side by side comparison. 

I like the effect on the sky and clouds, but am not thrilled with the color changes in the foreground.

The fix dark images preset actually does a nice job in brightening up those shadow areas while managing the noise levels those areas create. I think that it adds a strange glow however to the trees.  


Applying it to this nice water and castle crisped up the details and made both the sky and lake much more vibrant, but did nothing really special. 


I understand that the next update to the software plans on making significant improvements to the non-portrait features, so I am not giving up on them yet.  It’s just not going to displace some of the other tools in my bag of tricks for landscapes.