TWIP Family Podcast - A Shameless Plug

By Roger (14 February 2016)

Just a short one today because my computer is acting up. Time for a refresh.... I'm already talking to my computer guy to see how long this is going to take. Please, bear with me.

One of the podcasts I've mentioned in a past post is TWIP (This Week in Photo). I've been a fan for years. It's a weekly commentary about what is happening in the world of photography, hosted by Frederick Van Johnson and a rotating stable of other photographers. You can find the main podcast here. The hosts have roundtable discussions; they answer a listener question or two; and each give a recommendation for some photography equipment, event, or resource.

A couple of years ago, TWIP began expanding its offerings, with shows that address more specific photography interests. All the shows are captured on my podcast catcher, but you can listen on the website, if you prefer. My favorite of the new podcasts is TWIP Family, with Jenny Stein hosting (link). I have listened to all the episodes, and joined their Flickr group. (I gave you that link, last week. Did you join them, yet?)

Jenny's role is to teach easy techniques and give ideas for family photography. She is a mother of four, so she has lots of experience with the topic. Her podcasts are relaxed, fun, and very beginner-friendly. You don't come to this podcast looking for specifications of the latest gear. She will usually have a guest or two, especially for her Q and A shows. This week, one of those guests was me.

You can find me on Episode 39. Jenny liked a tip I sent in for simple lighting in a room, for family gatherings. I blogged about this, at Christmas time, a couple of years ago (link). It was a fun experience, and I hope to do it, again, somewhere down the line. We'll see.

Here are a couple of photos of the two youngest grandchildren, made using this technique, from this year's Christmas. We had lots of fun.

No flash; easy set up

The present is almost as big as she is