The Cliffs of Insanity

By Mark

Our next stop was Lahinch and the Cliffs of Moher.

We were worried that after leaving the castle, the rest of the trip would be somewhat anticlimactic. Thank goodness our friends had recommended that we stay at their favorite B&B in Ireland, it definitely helped cushion the blow.   The drive from Cong southwards went across the Burren, and I wished that I wasn’t driving.  It was some of the rockiest, barren but really beautiful terrain I’d ever seen.

The narrow, narrow roads though meant not a lot of opportunities to stop and enjoy the view.  Now if you are a golfer, then Lahinch is a legendary place with its world famous Links course.  For us, it was a logical place to stop, as I had planned on shooting the sunset from the cliffs.  Our recommended stop was the Moy House.  

We managed to snag the “Well Suite”; named as it has a glass covered opening in the bathroom leading down to an inlet from the sea, where they used to draw water in for cleaning.  This was the view we were forced to deal with from the sitting room in our suite.  Tough, I know, but we dealt with it. 

We drove around the bay over to the cliffs.  Now this is one of the most picturesque locations in Ireland and these cliffs have appeared in many films including Princess Bride and as the Cave from Harry Potter.  

It was a pretty calm day, for there, and the seas were not pounding against the rocks.  Each year the violent storms from the Atlantic erode more of the Cliffside. 

You can walk along the pathway from one end to the other.  It wasn’t until a few years ago, that they put up any kind of barriers.  People would get too close to the edge and the incredibly powerful wind gusts would push them over the side.  It’s a long, long ways down. With the cloudy skies we could tell it wasn’t going to be much of a spectacular sunset. Combine that with the fact that sunset wasn’t until after 10PM, and we decided to go back to the inn for a spectacular dinner. 

The next day, we knew we had a fairly short drive, but with lots to see along the way.  Bunratty Castle and the Irish Heritage Park really proved to be a great way to spend the day.

irst of all we found the best shopping deals on the trip; a lovely woolen mill, with beautiful stuff, which they ship for free if you buy enough—we did. The castle has 4 four towers accessible on very narrow spiral staircases.

The rooms are very much worth the climb, even for someone who really doesn’t like heights.

The heritage park has a bunch of houses and shops relocated from across the country.  It represents the full range of economic history.  A group of school kids were visiting and their teacher started playing so they put on an impromptu show of Irish dancing. 

They were very pleased and proud to do so.  There are other residents of the park as well. 

I liked this historic old mill and the thatcher’s cottage. 

You could say we were as happy as….

Irish Bacon, the early stages

Irish Bacon, the early stages