A View from Above

By Mark

Last week my blog focused on the recovery process required to overcome the haze of summer.  In an ironic note of timing, today Adobe announced a new feature for an upcoming release of Lightroom- DeHaze.  Take a look at the link from Terry White here bit.ly/1KoKzXO 

But that is not what this blog is about.  This is a look at the destination and not the journey.   It boggles my mind that pilots are allowed to fly as we did around the city. Now, Jeff really knows what he is doing and we had to report our location almost continuously, but there we were flying below the tops of the skyscrapers at 1000 feet up and down the Hudson River.  

Here is a look at our flight path.

We made two trips up the West side and then crossed over and flew down the Harlem River and then down the East River. It’s pretty cool when you start out flying over the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge as you approach the city.  

Heading up town, seeing the newly opened Freedom Tower and the 9-11 memorial, reminds you how far we have come. 

Continuing up the river, we passed directly over the USS Intrepid museum.  Looking straight down on the aircraft on the flight deck was an interesting perspective.   

From the ground, it is difficult to appreciate, just how big Central Park really is. 

Unfortunately, at least for this Dodger’s fan, you can also get a good view of the home of the true Evil Empire—the new Yankees Stadium in the Bronx.

Further North there are some impressive cathedrals and this Tomb. 

Grant's Tomb

Grant's Tomb

If you’ve traveled through NYC, you probably have spent some time sitting on the GW Bridge.  It looks peaceful from this angle.

It’s no secret that my favorite building in the city is the Chrysler building. 

Usually I get shots of it from the top of the Empire State building, but I like this angle.  

As we left the city we had a much different view of Ellis Island and Lady Liberty than I got last summer. 

I am ready to go back again and next time we are going to try to go at night.