Catching Up

By Roger (21 December 2015)

Mark gave you our sad story of corporate transition in the last blog. The good news is we, both, still have a job and can afford to keep our cameras.

Since my last blog, I haven't made many photos. I had some time to work on the photos from the photowalk we took, after visiting the Irving Penn exhibit. One of my street shots was this group of tourists on Segways, in front of the National Archives. They actually have their own lane for these tours. I just thought it was an interesting juxtaposition to the historical statue, behind them.

New stuff, in front of old stuff

I usually have a camera with me, in my vehicle, just in case I see something, when I can take a photo, when I'm not in a hurry to get to another appointment. Occasionally, I'll even take it out to lunch with me. Yeah, it doesn't get used very much... But, every now and then, I can catch a quick photo. This man was dressed like he was in the 60s (if you ignore the cellphone), so I felt compelled to convert the photo to monochrome.

Street photo

Finally, we took the grandkids to the National Harbor, just into Maryland, across the Potomac River. They have an exhibition, made entirely of ice, you can walk through. ICE! is an indoor winter wonderland, telling the story of Santa Claus (link). The kids loved it. The attraction is kept at 9 degrees and is packed with ice sculptures. They even had some slides, made of ice, for the kids. We'll do a blog, in the near future, about taking photos in these cold conditions. Everything went fine, although I had to push the ISO to 2,000.

North Pole mail

An ice sculptor creating a new piece.

Happy grandkids

I'll get back to normal after the holidays. Thanks to Mark's Halloween photobooth, I will have to shoot some photobooth shots of my own, while the family is here. We will be making a quick trip to Williamsburg, so maybe I'll get some interesting photos there. I hope you'll get out there and make some photos of your own.