Two Photowalks, in Two Weeks

By Roger (12 October 2015)

The last two weekends, I was the leader for two international photowalks: The Fujifilm 500PX and Kelby Worldwide photowalks. I had added reminders, and I wish more of you would have joined me. The threat of rain kept most of the walkers at home, even though they had signed up. The first walk was rain free, and the second started in a drizzle, but the drizzle stopped before we went a half mile.

As the organizer, it is disappointing when folks drop out because of weather, especially when the forecast is so far from the reality. But, beyond that, overcast skies can give you some great light for your photos. You also get conditions to make a photo that isn't seen every day, and you can focus in on details and locations unaffected or enhanced by the weather.

At Harpers Ferry, we spent some time in the church overlooking the town. As I mentioned in the last blog, Mark's wide angle really came in handy. What a nice lens.

Stained glass windows are always beautiful.

We've covered Harpers Ferry in other blogs, so I won't dwell there. It does, however, remain high on my list of scenic photo locations. It's great for landscapes (fall color is coming) and, don't forget the trains. For someone who loves history, it has so much to offer. I don't think I've ever been there when there weren't a few re-enactors adding to the charm of this town.

Welcome to Harpers Ferry

As I mentioned above, the weatherman had forecast a nor'easter for the Culpeper walk, but we got only a minor drizzle for the first 30 minutes. Our walkers were happy he was predictably incorrect. The forecast did keep the crowds to a minimum in this popular tourist spot.

We walked around the downtown area for our easy, one-mile walk. The overcast skies helped give a dramatic pop to the colorful wheels at the local bicycle store.

The colors brighten the entrance.

The wet surfaces gave us the reflections Mark talked about in his latest blog. I tried to work some into a close up of the rockers on a porch, while pursuing those ever elusive – at least for me – abstract photos.

Aligned rockers

We've talked, in past photowalk blogs, about our theme challenges on photowalks. My goal for this walk was to get some photos that showed some sort of alignment. It is one of the themes for this quarter in our photo group. I may have pointed out some candidate photos a little over-enthusiastically throughout the walk. ;-)

When you go to a downtown area, you have the added advantage of the shops and restaurants you can visit. The store owners were open for business and let us come inside with our gear.

Alignment and selective focus.

All in all, the two walks went well. We beat the weather and came away with new photos. I hope, next year, they don't happen on back-to-back weekends because I feel that affected the participation in both walks around the world. Both had fewer walkers than previous years. The 500PX walk had more than 10,000 walkers around the world; Kelby's Worldwide Photowalk had more than 20,000. They were great opportunities to meet new friends and geek out with your camera.

We've already marked our calendars for next year's walk. Got any fun places in mind where you'd like to join us?

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