Sunday Links 20140618

By Roger (8 June 2014)

There are certain things that catch our eye when we're out reading or surfing the internet. We want to share these with our viewers. These links will take you to cool events; random thoughts bouncing around our craniums; inspirational pieces; and/or things that amplify what we've recently written about.

Feel free to send me an email – – if you have something you want to contribute to our list or some topic you want us to find out about.


If you like to know the story behind great photos, you'll love the book 50 Portraits, by Gregory Heisler. The photos are amazing, and he discusses the back story, techniques, and mistakes for each photograph. Great stuff. Find it on Amazon here.


Want to know more about the photographers you enjoy? Chances are they've been interviewed by Ibarionex Perrello on the podcast, The Candid Frame. Insightful questions and replies are the order of the day on this free podcast. One of my favorites. Find it on iTunes or here.


Petapixel did an interesting story about photographer Andrew George's project, called Right Before I Die. It is a photo series of 20 terminally ill patients, calmly facing death. A very sensitive personal project. Find it here.


We certainly couldn't let the 70th anniversary of the D-Day without some mention. The National D-Day Memorial is just a couple of hours south of us, in Bedford, Va. Mark and I visited a few years ago. Put it on your travel list if you can't afford to go to Normandy. Their website is here.

The National D-Day Memorial, Bedford, Virginia

The National D-Day Memorial, Bedford, Virginia