Photoshop and Lightroom Updates

By Roger (27 June 2014)

Man, how did I get so far behind this week? Here's a short hint: new software tools.

I've been learning some of the new features in Photoshop CC 2014 and Lightroom 5.5. If you're a Photoshop and Lightroom user, you should go get the updates.

First, you receive a brand new program on your computer, Photoshop CC 2014; Photoshop CC is not deleted. Why? This is such a major change, Adobe retained the old program until you had time to digest all the new features. For answers to all your questions, go to the Adobe FAQ that Jeff Tranberry posted here.

For the major new features, I recommend you see the short videos from the Adobe TV site here, or at Julieanne Kost's blog, which we've mentioned before, here. There are content aware improvements; blur effects, including the spinning motion blur; font enhancements; smart guides; layer comp improvements; and much more.

I quickly and easily moved my plug-ins, thanks to a tip from Glyn Dewis' blog. I've had no problems with my Topaz and Google NIK plug-ins and was able to finish off a photo in time for our photography group's show-and-tell, last night.

Juxtaposition. Who says a round peg won't fit into a square hole?  (Processed in Silver Effects from Google)

Juxtaposition. Who says a round peg won't fit into a square hole?  (Processed in Silver Effects from Google)

Lightroom 5.5 has several new improvements, too. They've added new cameras and lenses to their processing lists.  The biggest deal here is that now Lightroom Mobile works on the iPhone, as well as the iPad. They've added star ratings to both devices. Mark did a blog, in April, about the new mobile capability here.

Cropped and colored in Lightroom 5.5

Cropped and colored in Lightroom 5.5

Finally, if you are not a member of the Creative Cloud, this is your time to sign up to get all these great tools. The photographers package is now permanently priced at $9.99 a month, so you don't have to worry that you missed the “special” pricing we mentioned over the last couple of months.

Sorry this is so short. Mark and I will be back, with new photos and blogs, next week. Go out, and have some fun with your camera.