Saturday Links 20140524

By Roger (24 May 2014)

There are certain things that catch our eye when we're out reading or surfing the internet. We want to share these with our viewers. These links will take you to cool events; random thoughts bouncing around our craniums; inspirational pieces; and/or things that amplify what we've recently written about. Depending on our time available, we may not post it every week. 

Feel free to send me an email – – if you have something you want to contribute to our list or some topic you want us to find out about. Mark and I love to get feedback, especially any comments, here on the website.

Memorial Day

Learn the history of the Memorial Day holiday we are celebrating, this weekend, from the Department of Veterans Affairs here. It is much more than a weekend off and the day the pools open.


I think I've mentioned the This Week in Photo podcast before. This is a weekly podcast, hosted by Frederick Van Johnson. He is joined by a rotating panel of other photographers from around the world. They discuss photo news; answer a question or two; and, generally, have fun with photography. Find them on the web here or subscribe on your podcasting app.

People Behaving Badly

Apparently, some folks don't understand that posting someone else's work and taking credit for it yourself is a bad thing. The Stop Stealing Photos website (here) would like to warn you that this happens all the time. I'm not sure everyone who comments has the most mature attitude, but I do support the effort to expose thieves.

Beautiful Products

I am a big fan of the work done at Artistic Photo Canvas (here). They have made several canvases for me, and their work is top-notch. Print them large. People love the look of a big canvas print on the wall.