Saturday Links 140517

By Roger

There are certain things that catch our eye when we're out reading or surfing the internet. We want to share these with our viewers. These links will take you to cool events; random thoughts bouncing around our craniums; inspirational pieces; and/or things that amplify what we've recently written about. Depending on our time available, we may not post it every week. I think we'll limit it to about six things each post because anything more would just get onerous.

Feel free to send me an email – – if you have something you want to contribute to our list or some topic you want us to find out about. Mark and I love to get feedback, especially any comments, here on the website.


onOne Software is offering Perfect Effects 8 for you to download. This is not a trial version. Of course, they would like to sell you their other fine products. Both Mark and I have used onOne packages and have nothing bad to say about them. You get download Perfect Effects 8 here. Cost: FREE

Think About It

The Grid, a weekly talkshow about photography, (link) recently had a discussion about unsolicited critiques and the damage they can cause. I thought it was a great topic and discussion. Cost: FREE.


Nikon announced a new super-telephoto lens, the AF-S NIKKOR 400mm f/2.8. This lens would be great for sports, wildlife, and bloggers who have a Nikon camera (hint, hint). You can get the details from Nikon here. Cost: About $12,000.

Inspiration and Information

We are both big fans of Julieanne Kost, the Principal Digital Imaging Evangelist for Adobe Systems (great job title, huh?). We have been lucky enough to talk with her several times; listened to her teach; and watch slide shows of her work. You'll find her website here. Check out her portfolio and her blog; they are well worth your time. Cost: FREE

Fun and Information

This weekend's final entry is The Two Hosers Photo Show. I've been listening to Allan and Adam since they started their podcast. I like their relaxed and humorous style while they are talking about my favorite topic: photography. Every week, they have good tips and give themselves a photo challenge. You can listen to them from their website, here, or subscribe to them on iTunes. Cost: FREE