Semi-Live from Photoshop World

By Mark

Today is the first full day of the conference, and we are about to head out to the After-Hours party.  Yesterday, was the Pre-conference seminars, and Roger and I went with noted aviation and wildlife photographer, Moose Peterson. 

We headed out to the home field of the Dixie wing of the Commemorative Air Force for a day under the sun.  Whoops, slight changes in the forecast required our flexibility.  First, the unfortunate change impacted Roger more than it did me.  They had scheduled re-enactors with real WW2 uniforms to pose with the aircraft.  Because the uniforms are period and semi-fragile, they wisely decided a day in the rain was a bad choice.  Now I am an aircraft enthusiast, so I was OK. 

I might have under-represented the weather.  It was pouring down in buckets with great lightening and loud thunder.  Fortunately, most of it passed on to the South, leaving us with just a steady drizzle.   Moose really pushed us to change the angles for better shots.  Get down low as some people embraced.  

He and his sons (also photographers) and his wife Sharon (also a photographer) provided coaching and held on to ladders. 

They have a flying Zero, a Kate as well as USN aircraft.  My favorite SBD Dauntless Dive Bomber was there. 

In 6 minutes in June of 1942, these aircraft found the Japanese fleet at Midway and changed the course of the war.  

We got to climb up to see the Bell P-63 King Cobra they are restoring as well.  Not a great performing aircraft, but still a piece of history.  All in all, the trip was a good outing, even if we were a little damp.