I've Been Away

By Roger (17 April 2014)

You ever notice how, sometimes, we get ourselves into a funk? The timing of said funk is always awful. Bad things pile onto you all at the same time. You don't notice the good news because you're stewing over the bad. It's a low down place to be. Yeah, that's been me for the last couple of weeks.

For 10 days, I was on the road with back-to-back-to-back-to-back trips, with no more than six hours between them: Florida; Virginia; Georgia; Virginia; South Carolina; Virginia. That might have worn me down a bit, but that wasn't the problem.

Just before and during that travel, I experienced several things that ranged from a death in our family of friends and a serious illness, all the way down to camera problems and quite a few things in between. I don't have much patience when things I can't control/fix go wrong. I get downright cranky when all these things happen simultaneously. I was chugging along on inertia, mostly.

Inertia was giving way, when a photography friend scolded me with the obvious – “Everybody goes through hard times.” Thanks. You are absolutely right! The sun began poking through the clouds (in the center of the photo because, if it had been a perfect composition, you would have never believed I took it).

Thanks for the emails and tolerating me when I don't post every week. It worked wonders. I promise the next blog will be about photography fun.

Rest in peace, Charlie. You were quite a man; a positive force in thousands of lives. Long ago, you introduced two of them to each other, and we just celebrated 35 years of marriage.