Yep, Another Year Gone By

As 2014 ends, it is time for my annual challenge of picking out my favorite photos from the year.   As Roger wrote about in his last blog, it is also a great time to clean up the files.  

Library filter is a great way to examine what and where you have shot

Library filter is a great way to examine what and where you have shot

Using the library filtering tools, I was actually surprised to learn I had taken more photos this year than last (6862 vs. 5333).  That didn’t seem right, so I looked into my keywords and realized that I had shot 1871 photos for work related events this year.  So I really did shoot a little less.   No big trips out of the country this year, but we did go to both Maine and New York City.   Looking at that metadata for State/Province shows me I have more work to do in cleaning up and adding the correct names for locations.

I culled all of the 6K photos down to just the ones I had flagged as selects and created a new Collection set for them.  I kept weeding images out until I got to a set of 97.  Then I went through those and rated them with stars.  

I used all of Lightroom’s decision tools to help me choose.   The Survey tool, lets you select multiple images and then remove the ones you don’t like.   

The Compare window lets you try candidates against a selected image to see if you like the new one better.  It’s hard work to get it down to just 10.  

I also let my family pick their favorites, just as a reference point.  There are always ones others like more than the ones I choose. 

So here are the 10 photos I liked best from all the ones I shot this year. 

My tiger from a March trip to the zoo.

 Brunch cocktails from John’s graduation celebration

Three images from our New York City trip can barely capture the energy of that city. 

I love the Chrysler building.  The D800 lets you get so much detail.

I love the Chrysler building.  The D800 lets you get so much detail.

Two from our Maine vacation; yes that is an HDR image.  Surprisingly there are 2 of them which made my selection this year.   (Blame Alfredo)

It looks how Bar Harbor feels

It looks how Bar Harbor feels

Two images from around Warrenton; the county fair rodeo and the balloon festival

Finally, this Thanksgiving portrait of Kaitlyn—the light was just very nice and the 105 does make an outstanding portrait lens.    

I apologize that 2 of these pictures were in fact in the last blog I posted, at that time I didn’t know they would make the top 10.  I needed them to illustrate my topic and they worked.  Thanks everyone for keeping up with us and our blog.  We hope to keep bringing you more next year, especially since I got my dream landscape lens for Christmas.    Roger and I, plus our very patient families wish each of you a very Happy New Year.