Thanksgiving Wrap Up

Well, last week saw us heading up to CT for the holiday.  We left on Tuesday, because of the projected snow for Wednesday.  Apparently, everyone else on the East coast had the same idea as our drive North took a few hours longer than expected.  Still it proved a smart choice as they got about 6” of snow.  Luckily for us, my cousin had everything we needed there.  She even had the table pretty much set up and it looked very nice against the snowy background.  

I pushed the Exposure Compensation up +2/3 EV to ensure the background brightness didn’t overly darken the table. 

I love using my 105mm macro during the holidays.  Zooming in on the details, can help recall how much effort goes in to making the holidays memorable.  

By cropping in while composing your image, you can use large color block elements, like the pumpkin as a framing device for the other vibrant colors in your image.

One of our joys in visiting my cousin is the opportunity to see Cara, the wonder dog, their Great Pyrenees.  She is the sweetest, most laid back creature anywhere. With her long hair and Basque sheepherding tradition, she loves this time of year.

Majestic creature guarding her flock

Majestic creature guarding her flock

Finally as I wrote about last blog, here is our perfectly cooked boneless turkey. 

While we were toasting to friends and family I was thinking nice thoughts about all my photographic family as well.  Thanks everyone for sharing this passion for creating images.