Thanksgiving Photos

Next week will be another Thanksgiving Holiday.  It is always my favorite time of the year.  Family and food with the opportunity to reflect on all the good things we get to enjoy. 

Sometimes we get in such a rush to stuff our faces with turkey and pumpkin pie that we don’t take the time to capture the moment with a few pictures.  Worse yet, sometimes the images we get, are flat and make the food look terrible—unless of course it is that jello and carrot salad thing, which is terrible.  For us, the preparation of the feast is as much fun as the results.  My cousin Bob and I debone the turkey based upon a Julia Child/Jacques Pepin special.  It is still on a working video tape, so we have to have a third party rewind and pause it so we can get all the steps.  Of course this requires us to speak in our best Julia Child voices.  Yes, laughter ensues.  Oh then, we stuff it and tie it back up like a giant sausage.  

It reduces the cooking time and makes serving it very, very easy   A little bit of bounce flash can add dimensionality to your guest of honor.  

Don’t forget the side dishes either, that is often where the color is. 

On an unrelated but equally important note, Roger and I realized we didn’t recognize the winner of our Harper’s Ferry Photowalk photo contest.  Although we didn’t get as many submissions as we had walkers, one of our walkers—in fact Rich Walker had the picture that our independent judging panel liked best. 

Harpers Ferry ruins--Photo by Rich Walker

Harpers Ferry ruins--Photo by Rich Walker

A very moody black and white, shot by the way with a pretty old camera.  Definitely reinforcing that you don’t require the latest and greatest gear to get great photos; a good eye and good technique and voila. 

Everyone travel safely and have a Happy Thanksgiving.