On One Perfect Suite 8 Part II—More Good Stuff

By Mark

Last week I started talking about the new software from the good folks over at OnOne.  I think the last 4 modules really bring a lot of power to the application.   The Effects, B&W, Mask and Resize tools offer a great new set of tools. 

The Effects module has combined a lot of functions which used to be separate tools-including the amazing Controlled Focus tool, which is now one of the options under the lens blur panel.  

Effects Panel Menu.PNG

To be fair, Adobe has incorporated this capability directly into Photoshop, but On Ones is easier to control.  It can turn pretty much any image into what looks like a scale model.  

Lens Blur Panel.PNG
Tilt shift samples0.jpg

I’ve been a huge fan of the NiK software’s Silver Efex2 Black and White tool set.  As far as most people are concerned it defines the gold standard for B&W conversion.  Unfortunately, since Google bought them in late 2012, there have been no updates or even rumors of people working on them.  Google remains sadly quiet on the topic.   Therefore the B&W module in Perfect Suite was of great interest to me.  I can tell you that I think it does a reasonable job, but still doesn’t match the ease of adjustments from SilverEfx.

Yosemite B&W samples1.jpg
Yosemite B&W samples0.jpg

They have done a very good job, better certainly than the tools found in Lightroom, in basic conversion.  They even have some nice “Ansel Adams in the Valley” presets.  I continue to play with it and all the while keep hoping for some sign from Google.

Yosemite B&W samples2.jpg

The Perfect Mask Module is very helpful, especially when trying to work with complicated shapes like hair.  Their demo even removes a bride with a veil from her background.  I have not been able to get that accurate yet,   I have watched them demonstrate it and know it can be done, but it does take more practice than I’ve put into it so far. 

The last module Resize is good for blowing up images beyond their native resolution.  In Photoshop, bad things happen when you try this.  The Resize options can actually let you make decent 8 x 10 images from cell phone pictures.  They have a much more advanced scaling and interpolation algorithm and it doesn’t make your photos look like 8 bit Minecraft artifacts. 

As with almost any plug in, you can download it and try it for free for 30 days.  If it helps your work flow, then buy it.  If not then stop using it.