A Big Wedding

By Roger

Sorry I didn't get a blog out last Thursday.  I was pre-occupied with a Boston wedding ceremony, and I left on Wednesday to get prepared.

20130824Rebeccca and Chris for Roger Blog-1.jpg

I love to photograph weddings: everyone is dressed up and challenges abound.  The venues are usually full of great backgrounds.  Everyone is feeling joyfully emotional, so you can get some very nice portraits.  Often, weddings require some travel, another personal favorite pastime.  My trip to Poland, in May, was motivated, primarily, by wedding photography.

Many photographers shy away from wedding photography because of the fast pace and long hours, not to mention the frightening, once-in-a-lifetime, no “do-over” aspect of it.  They don't like the constantly changing demands made by the clients or the post-processing volume.  But I have always loved weddings and will shoot until everyone goes home, except for this one.  My daughter, Rebecca, was marrying Chris.


I have blogged before that photographers need to be alert to times when the proper thing to do is put their cameras down. Sometimes, you need to relax and enjoy the scenery.  Sometimes, you need to stop and participate in an event.  Sometimes, you just need to take a break and think.  This past weekend, I needed to do all of these.

I was lucky enough to have a friend, Tony Gibson, in charge of the photography.  He brought along another highly-qualified photographer, John Nelson.  I have shot with Tony many times and had complete confidence in his skills.  This is very important for someone who views the wedding photography to be as important as the bride's dress and the song list for the reception...and is paying the bill.   ;-)

I brought a camera, and even took a few photos before the party began, but there was no way I could properly do the job without diminishing my participation in my daughter's big day.  That wasn't going to happen.

Dallman Wedding-57.jpg
Roger Blog-1008-X2.jpg

The weather was gorgeous. The ceremony was a blur, of course.  I barely remember walking down the aisle as Cathy and I escorted Rebecca up to Chris.  There was some talk from the presiding official about the Dali Lama and an Apache love poem; a kiss and some applause; some speeches and toasts; and, then, lots of dancing.  We closed a bar near the hotel, after a bus ride from the venue.  We had lots of fun with family and friends from several countries and all over the States.  (Thanks to them all for traveling.)

Rebeccca and Chris for Roger Blog-5-X2.jpg

I may not clearly remember everything that happened that Saturday, but that's no problem.  We will have the photography forever, and we can re-live the joy of that day over and over.  And that is why I love wedding photography.

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