It's The Worldwide Photowalk

By Roger

It's time, again, for the Worldwide Photowalk.  This year's date is 5 October.  For the third year, Mark and I will be leading a walk in Colonial Williamsburg.  We've been to all of the past Worldwide Photowalks, and, as we have written before, we frequently go photowalking with other groups or just a couple of folks.

If you've never heard of a photowalk, you're in for a treat.  Photowalks are just walks with your camera.  They really aren't new; people have gone walking with their cameras since cameras became portable.  But, several years ago, with the explosion of freely-available, easy-to-use, digital cameras and social media's assistance with event organization, photowalks became more popular. Photowalks with groups can be held anywhere and are usually set along a path, pre-defined by a walk leader.  They are usually free. It's a pretty simple concept.

The Worldwide Photowalk is organized by Scott Kelby, and this is the sixth year they have put it together.   All of the walks take place on the same day, all around the world.  There are prizes for the photo contest, if you choose to participate.  Photowalk leaders register their walks, and you sign up to the walk you want to attend.  You must register to participate, but there is no cost.  You can find all you need to know and register for the WWPW here.


So, why should you attend?  Well, number one on my list is: Photowalks are fun.  This is a chance to meet new people who enjoy photography, just like you.  You can bring any camera you want to use: film, digital, phone.  We have seen a 1950s era press camera and an expensive camera converted to a pinhole camera.  You can stick to one lens for the entire walk or lug every piece of gear you own. You can photograph everything that moves or choose to shoot only people taller than six feet.


Photowalks are an opportunity to get out to a location you've never been before, with the sole purpose of photography.  If you pick a location where you've gone before, this is your chance to approach it from a new angle.  Did I mention this is our third year in Colonial Williamsburg?  We've been there many more times than those  photowalks.  Each time, we find something different.


Maybe you need some motivation to try something new. Here it is.  The other walkers will be doing something different than you are.  You can learn their techniques or decide, once and for all, that your way is better. 


If you're an absolute beginner, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how much you'll learn from your fellow photowalkers. Photographers, in general, but especially photowalkers, are open to helping newbies.  Unless, you're starting with an old Kodak Brownie, someone will have a camera similar to yours, and they'll be more than happy to help out.  Most of the walk leaders are experienced photographers and will readily answer your questions.

I hope you're convinced you need to register for one of the Worldwide Photowalks.  Remember, only 50 photographers per walk are permitted.  More than that is hard to handle.  We'd like you to join us in Williamsburg.  You can do that right here.  Come join us for some fun. 

Our walkers from last year's Worldwide Photowalk. 

Our walkers from last year's Worldwide Photowalk.