Do You Know the Way to Santa Fe?

It’s time to wrap up my postings on summer travel. After we departed from the Grand Canyon, Sarah had the opportunity to meet cousins she hadn’t seen since she was a little girl in Prescott, AZ so we stopped there for lunch.  We had heard that Sedona was beautiful, and so that was our destination for that evening.  It was way more than beautiful.  It is in the middle of Red Rocks and Pine trees, tucked alongside a swift and cold river.  It was the night of the Super Moon, and I was certain that we were facing the wrong direction.  Much to our surprise, the light popped right up in front of it.  I had to scramble to get my tripod set up.  We are definitely going back to revisit and spend more time there.

Sedona Super Moon

Sedona Super Moon

The next day we stopped at the Great Meteor crater.  This hole was caused by something no larger than a school bus, but it ignited the air around the crater for 10 miles.

SW Trip Pt3-8.jpg

We did some touristy stuff, and yes, that is me, “Standing on the Corner in Winslow, Arizona”.  Not certain about the “such a fine sight to see”.  We had a nice day and got our kicks and ice cream on Route 66. 

SW Trip Pt3-32.jpg
SW Trip Pt3-30.jpg

Our last stop in our summer fiesta was Santa Fe, the capitol of New Mexico. We stayed downtown, just a block off the main plaza and loved being able to walk to everything.  Good thing, as Santa Fe has a lot of everything—museums, historic sites, a thriving art colony and fabulous restaurants. The city was one of the main Spanish outposts in the New World.  Santa Fe has spent more time as a part of Mexico than it has as a state. The Cathedral of St. Francis would be at home in Europe.  

SW Trip Pt3-180.jpg

During World War 2, the Manhattan Project was hidden nearby.  The people reported to this doorway and it was listed as their address for all their mail while they worked at Alamogordo.  Now the space sells brightly colored ceramic chili peppers. 

Hidden Door of Atomic History

Hidden Door of Atomic History

SW Trip Pt3-168.jpg

Under the shade of the main plaza portico are native craftspeople.  Each morning there is a lottery for the spaces to display and sell their handmade jewelry. 

SW Trip Pt3-167.jpg

As I was telling the guy I met there; around almost around every corner there is another unique piece of sculpture.  We managed to find a place that would a really cool kinetic piece home to VA.  It and these photos will provide years of great memories from our SW vacation. 

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SW Trip Pt3-163.jpg
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