Prune the Trees

By Mark

It is year-end clean up time for the old photo library.  A great place to start is by examining your Lightroom Keywords.  Does the organizational structure still work for you?   How can you tell?  Hopefully, since you have built your key word structure and taken advantage of the ability to create a hierarchy, or nesting, I recommend starting by looking at the top level categories.

Top Level Keywords.PNG

Next, you should start expanding the groupings by clicking on the little triangles.   As an example, I have expanded my “Other” Grouping.  

Expanded Other.PNG

Ask the same questions.  If you decide that grouping no longer makes sense, you can just right click and rename the group, or drag and drop it to another location.   If you want to see all of the images in a particular category, just hover over it and then select the white arrow which appears on the right side of the panel.

BW Selection.PNG

Aha! I know I have more than 21 Black and White images, so this is a good indicator that I have not diligent in properly key wording them as I go. 

As you continue to open and expand the panels, look for keywords which only have 1 image in them.  Often times, you have mistakenly tagged it with different name somewhere else.   That too is easy to correct.  All you have to do is select the image(s) using the right side arrow, then find the correct keyword and just check the box which appears to the left.  

Delete a keyword.PNG

Once you have applied the right keyword, just go back to the
“Wrong” keyword and right click.  In the dialog box select “Delete” and it will erase that keyword from existence.  It is a scary power you have to wield.  Just work on it a little at a time and they you can finish up tagging all the pictures you missed in the first place.