Forcing Creativity

One of the reasons I love photography is that it helps me overcome the fact that I am not very artistic at all.  I can’t draw, sing or dance.  I really understand all of the technical aspects of the equipment and the various software tools.  I’m happy to discuss f-stops and buffer rates or details of blend modes for as long as you’ve got.  I struggle with the creative process.  This last week I got to see and hear two really creative artists.  Adobe’s Julianne Kost  was at the Visions of Nature Expo in Manassas and the Viewfinders Camera Club got to hear award winning photographer Joyce Harmon talk about her creative work with her iphone.

Both offered unique and very different images.  I find that I can understand what they did, but I have trouble answering the question “Why would you think to do that in the first place?”  My images tend to be literal, and I've been told I have a good eye for composition.  

Eastern Market Produce

Eastern Market Produce

I gravitate to capturing portions of an object which then implies the whole.  From a post-processing workflow, I tend to not apply a lot of filters, textures or to do a lot of creative compositing. 

Photowalk 2013-36.jpg
Photowalk 2013-36-Edit.jpg
SW Trip Pt1-574.jpg
SW Trip Pt1-574-Edit.jpg

Each year I try to set a new photographic challenge and goal for myself.  I guess that for 2014 I will be working on being more creative in my processing.  What are your goals for next year?