Kuler Than I Can Be.

By Mark

Today we are going to talk about color matching.    If you are doing any design work for a client, or trying to do something creative which will fit into your color scheme at home, getting the colors right can be a challenge.  If you are trying to collaborate on a project, how do you share your color palate?  Well, Adobe had developed a tool which answers the mail.  It is called Kuler and is available as a web app at https://kuler.adobe.com/create/color-wheel/, an iphone app from the appstore  and  of course as a panel inside of Photoshop. 

Kuler panel.PNG

Kuler works pretty much the same way in all three variants.  It is designed to help you find colors that work together, and then allows you to save them as a theme.  You can keep the theme private and add it to your Swatches panel or share it with the world via the app itself.  It has a simple interface.  There are three tabs on top: About, Browse, and Create.  About just tells you about the website.  Browse gives you access to all of the thousands of shared color themes.  You can search for keywords, by time periods, such as last 30 days, or even by the name of the person who created the theme.

The color wheel option allows you to select colors based on the predefined rule sets ranging from Analogous to shades.The arms radiating from the center control hue and saturation.The little sun on the outside of the wheel control brightness.


Once you have found the color you want to use as your base, double click it to set it. Kuler then will create the appropriate matches for it.  Here is one where I set the rule to Shades and chose a nice warm red as the base.

Red Shades.PNG

When you go to select the custom rule set, you can then grab colors from pictures and start building a theme based on those.  Here is a nice flower photo.

Sharon Road Farm-170.jpg

If you use the Eyedropper tool and select one of the pink flowers you can set that as a base.  Go back and select one of the blue flowers as the background color.   You can continue to sample the colors from the image save theme.

flowers and snip.PNG
Custom from flowers.PNG

With the iphone app, you can take a photo of something from inside Kuler and it will detect the major colors.  You can pick the ones you like, then name and save it and email it to yourself or post it.  It can then be imported into Photoshop to use in your project.  I have to say that this is very cool.

Iphone screenshot.PNG