Brushes with Greatness

We are almost done in our discussion of the power of brushes in Photoshop.  Today’s blog is going to cover two more topics: how you can find and add additional brush presets to your tool kit, and how you can even create your own custom brushes.

Out in the wild, there are a lot of really creative people who have spent a lot of time developing specialized sets of brushes with a wide variety of designs. Photoshop and the web make it pretty easy to find and share these tools.  Adobe offers a bunch of free and for sale brush sets on the Adobe Exchange site.

Once you have downloaded the file, open the C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC\Presets\Brushes folder and drag the .abr file you created into it. 

Brush File location.PNG

Now you can open Photoshop and from the Brush menu, load that brush set and use them just like any of the default ones already installed. 

You can make your own brush shapes as well.  Take this picture of a building in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi sail.PNG

I just selected a piece of it and copied that to a new layer then removed the black background.


saudi sail shape.PNG

I then used a Levels adjustment layer to make the remaining information a gray scale image—brushes don’t contain color data.


Saudi sail dark.PNG

On the Edit menu, select “Define Brush Preset” and the shape can now be used over and over again.


Define Brush Preset Menu.PNG
New Brush created.PNG