Auto Foolery

Boy, nothing like waiting to the 11th hour to get my post done, but I am, essentially, a very lazy person. It pains me to say this, and I do so grudgingly, through gritted teeth, but, here goes... my point ‘n shoots aren’t good for EVERYTHING!

I'm pausing to wait for the snorts & the “nyah, nayh, toldja so”... Yep, definitely heard something from that corner where Roger lurks. Okay, I’ll explain.

I think the biggest thing I bemoan about my toys is AUTO-FOCUS & their inability to always focus on what I want them to focus on. They have an annoying habit of choosing something completely different from my target, and I have to engage the camera in a battle of wits. Needless to say, I often lose.

Case in point: whenever a lovely weekend is at hand, my beloved (hereby referred to as MB, which is a whole lot better than how I refer to 'beloved son' on my own blog, if you get my meaning) and I like to go out and appreciate nature. This ends up meaning we spend a lot of time appreciating it through a viewfinder. Anyway, I have a fondness for composing scenes with “stuff” in the foreground - branches, grasses, sea oats. Gives it some interest & depth, ya know? This is where the battle of wits begins. The auto-focus is all like “Muaaahahaha!” and I’m all like “Frickety frack, daggummit, rassa frassa!”, except in more colorful metaphors. All on account of this:

WHY does the camera think I want to take a picture of sticks instead of the magnificent blue heron that so fortuitously parked itself nearby? Can't it SEE the bird right there?

If the subject is at a bit of a distance, like the bird, I end up having to move the camera a little bit left, right, up, down, over & over and see if it will lock focus on something other than the twigs. Takes a bunch of tries, but sometimes the magic works.

For just a minute, I was coveting MB's Pentax K30. Anything that I could focus myself. But I shook my brains til it went away. After all, that would be cheating, right?  :-)