I'm Kathy, and I use point-and-shoots

I know what you’re thinking. “Who is she? She’s not a professional, so what are we supposed to learn from her?” My answers to those questions are: 1. No one in particular; and 2. Not much. Or rather, I can show you what NOT to do, on account of I make a lot of mistakes and don’t really know what I’m doing. Let me expound a bit. I met Mark only a few years ago, but Roger & I go way back - a shade more than 40 years, to be exact, all the way to high school, and he was taking pictures even back then.

Now, here’s the thing about Roger. He has been bugging me my WHOLE LIFE to get with the times and improve my pictures by a) getting a decent camera, and b) fixing them in Photoshop & Lightroom.

I like my cameras. They are all point-and-shoot cameras. I bought the first one to learn how to take pictures.

Fujifilm E900

I bought the second one because the first one was old and had a crappy zoom.

Lumix FZ35

I bought the third one because the second one wouldn’t fit in my purse. Plus, it was last year’s model and was way cheap.

Nikon Coolpix

I stubbornly insist on keeping them because I don’t have to think very much to use them. Also, because I can whip #3 out of my handbag when a Kodak moment presents itself. No worrying about lugging a big camera bag, attaching lenses, then finding my glasses to read the tiny numbers for the settings, blah, blah, blah. Before I use tutorials about how to fix my pictures with software I don’t have, I need more tutorials about how to take better pictures with my toy cameras in the first place, like this one (http://efcubed.com/2012/12/14/a-little-depth-of-field/).

So, my occasional contributions to this site will be focused on avoiding the fancy cameras & software and taking the best pictures I can with the toy cameras. Hopefully, you will see some improvement, but I know I will still get bugged about fixing them post-shutter release.  Sigh.  Roger?  I think I can hear them all laughing from here.

Note From Roger

We've added Kathy to our blog to bring in a new perspective.  Her approach to photography is different from ours - she is uninterested in all the trappings of DSLRs and the post-processing software Mark and I enjoy.  We hope her musings as she works to pursue her photography with her point-and-shoots will appeal to others also interested in a simpler approach.  She will also be reporting as she learns to use Lightroom.  Please, welcome her aboard; it should be fun for everyone.


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