New Orleans Street Art

Happy New Year everyone! Over the holidays we went down to the Crescent City with all the kids.  We rented a house over in the Marigny-Bywater area, just past the French Quarter.  Quasi-Industrial and residential, all mixed in together.  We were staying next door to a Mardi Gras float factory with some well executed and interesting art.  This is obviously a “Monkey-wid-a Fez”.  I’m not certain I want to know what grows on this tree.  It was a fun and frantic few days and I actually didn’t get to shoot as much in the city as I had hoped.  We finally had good weather and got to see all of the interesting characters hanging out in Jackson Square.  I enjoy trying to capture the energy of the various and very varied street musicians who stake out spots in the middle of the blocked off streets.  It was a pretty chilly day and these guys were putting on quite the show for the good sized crowd.  I think they were also trying to keep warm. If you are engaging with the performance artists to try and photograph them, talk to them and often they will cooperate in posing or adjusting themselves for better light.  For many of these folks in New Orleans, they are trying to earn their living, so dropping money in the collection box, is also a very effective way to get them to focus on you.

It wouldn’t be NOLA without the iconic forms of transportation.  The paddlewheel steamers may carry more tourists these days, but the street cars are still the backbone of public transport.