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“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”  Robert Louis Stevenson sure called that one right.  I've been in travel mode for several weeks.  I love it when I find the gates open and can head out on the road, whether to some place new or to revisit a favorite destination.  I come back with recharged batteries. Fredricksburg, VAI've been up and down the East Coast from Florida to Massachusetts and a couple of places in between.  We have the  beach bum part of the family in Florida, and they always feed me when I go down there.  It's always scenic when the big crowds are gone, so I rose before the sun came up and hit the sand in Cocoa Beach, down by the pier, to try out a familiar spot.  I visit this spot almost every time I'm down there.

photo, florida, cocoa beach, sunrise, pierI took a quick jaunt to the Fredricksburg Battlefield.  Next weekend is the sesquicentennial of that battle.  General Burnside and the Union Army made an attempt to take the town by crossing the Rappahannock River.  The engineers came under withering fire from the Confederates, but finally landed on the other side.  Burnside assaulted Prospect Hill and Marye's Heights, resulting in staggering casualties and an eventual retreat back across the river.  I wanted to be better prepared for the festivities than when I went to Antietam.  All of the battlefield hopping is in preparation for the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg commemoration this summer.  That will be a big event.  Bring your camera and join me.

photo, fredricksburg, va, civil war, cemeteryLast weekend, we were up in Boston for Thanksgiving.  I'm an not a city kind of guy, but there is always something to see up there.  We went on a seven-hour death march through the crowded streets and parks. It was a great day, so we just kept on going until nightfall.

high rise, boston, ma, massachusetts, building details

photo, boston, park, cityscape, larz anderson

We were toting the youngest member of the clan.  He had it easy, riding in the stroller or being carried.  He showed his support by jumping out every time we stopped near some grass. They sure do grow quickly, huh?

photo, park, happy, smile, baby, boston, boy

This weekend is the Christmas parade, in Middleburg, and our local photo group is going to cover it with our cameras in hand.  I hope you are getting some wandering in on your own.  Get out there and make some photographs.

“Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.” - Anatole France

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