Lot to Give Thanks For

It is time again for my favorite holiday.  Thanksgiving, aside from the now never ceasing bombardment of “Black Friday” ads, is really about celebrating family and friends.  This year will be a low-key event for Sarah, Ben and I; a weekend of OU vs. OSU college football and the start of the Christmas decorating season. Hard to believe Ashley went from this to this in just nine years. We were very happy that my Mom got to travel to New Orleans to see Ashley graduate from High School. It was very sad to lose Mom this fall, but Dad is doing well.  

Cassie is thriving in the heat of New Orleans and it is delightful to have Ben with us, here in VA.

We’ve been exceptionally fortunate to have Holly and John visit us several times this year.  That certainly makes Sarah happy.  They both seem to enjoy hanging out with Ben and the wild nightlife here.

I’m thankful that we get to hang out with good friends and extended family. 

Most of all I am thankful for Sarah. If laughter is the best medicine than I am never going to be ill. 

Roger is on the road with his family and we plan to be in a turkey induced coma tomorrow, so have a Happy Thanksgiving one and all.  We will see you again next week.