Machu Picchu High Resolution

I was scanning through my list of favorite photography websites - because my weekends are just that exciting - and came across a great story on PetaPixel.  The article describes a photo team taking a ridiculously high resolution panoramic photo at Machu Picchu.  There are videos in the article, showing you how they went about creating the final image. Wow, this combines my love of history, traveling to new locations, and a favorite photo technique.  We've talked about creating panoramic photos in previous posts and given some pointers on how to create them. Mark's most recent one is here.

Mark and I have been accused of being photogeeks from time-to-time (a label we embrace), but these guys are quite a few levels above us.  The final panoramic is almost 16 gigapixels.  They used a robotic camera mount on their tripod and shot 1,920 total images for the pano.  Please go look at this photo (here) and explore it.  As you zoom in and around the photo, the incredible resolution will amaze you.

I didn't have time to contact the site, and I didn't want to insert the image without permission.  So, I'm putting in one of my panos for today's photo.  It won't work the same as the Machu Picchu image, but it is my one of my favorites.  It's from Bolton Abbey, in the UK.

panorama from Bolton Abbey

Go out and make some fun photographs this weekend.