Something Has Been Bugging Me—How Do I Pick the Best Images?

Now that the election stuff is all over we can get back to photography.  Roger wrote last week about purging his catalog.  Once you get past the obvious discards in your library, how do you get decide between those final few images to really determine which ones to keep? Luckily Lightroom has some helpful tools which can make the job a little easier.  Today I am just going to talk about the Survey panel in the Library module.

I walked out the front door a couple of weeks ago to see a giant monster sitting on my porch railing.  It was a praying mantis in its fall camouflage pattern.  I ran back inside and got my 105mm Macro lens and went out and shot a lot of images.  The 105 has such a shallow depth of field that the first culling of pictures was easy.  If the face wasn’t in focus, out they went.

Finally I got down to these seven images. There were basically 3 different poses, so I knew I wanted to just keep the best one.

Down at the bottom of the Library screen just above the filmstrip are the 4 choices for displaying your images.  Most of the time you work in the Grid (G) or the Loupe (E) views, but the other two Compare (C) and Survey (N) allow you to compare pictures side by side. 

Survey lets you pick multiple images and then remove them just by selecting the x in the corner. You can then add flags or ratings right from inside the window.  I’m just glad mantids are not the size of dogs—they are really scary hunters.