No, this is Holly…and Halloween

Roger’s blog last week reminded me that I didn’t actually name Sarah’s lovely daughter.  Her name really is Holly and she is just a lot of fun to have visit, even if it was only for a short weekend.  It is also one of Sarah and my favorite holidays—Halloween.  Our house has bubbling cauldrons, smoking skulls, crawling zombies and bats hanging all over the place.  Each year, I enjoy carving the pumpkins and this year, I tried something new.  I used the Dremel ® tool to scrape away the flesh.  Just a hint for you readers out there, don’t do it inside the house.  10,000 RPM does in fact take the skin off quickly, it just sends it everywhere.  

We don’t know how many little boys and ghoulies we will get this year trick-or-treating.  We were largely spared by the hurricane.  Our neighborhood has had a different natural disaster—most of the little kids have grown up.  Oh well, we still have the candy for hurricane supplies.