Is That Holly?

Have you been paying attention to the calendar lately?  It's already near the end of October.  That means it's time to think of the holidays and creating your own cards - featuring your photos, of course!  I know, I know, everyone hates it when you start too early with the holiday rush, but you've got to get everything ready and printed in time for your mailing. For our family, that is Christmas, so those are the photos I use. Santa ClausStart by going through your holiday shots and looking for some ideal card photos.  Do you want a landscape or portrait orientation?  Do you want a message printed on the inside?  How about on the front of the card?  You may need some blank space to put some greeting text.  I have plenty of room in the sky.  Don't plan to add text?  No problem.

Christmas decorations, candy canesIf you don't have something ready in your files, you still have time.  You can't ask the town to throw an early Christmas parade, but you can easily pull out a few ornaments or some decoration that can be shot up close.  Look at this snowman; I could have taken this last week.

Snowman ornamentFamily groups are always a hit, but might be hard to arrange if they are spread out across the country.  How about something everyone can associate with the sender?  This works especially well for personal items.  My mother is a huge fan of Betty Boop since her animator, Grim Natwick, is from her hometown.  I made a special card for her use.

Betty Boop Christmas ornamentYou can find many vendors to print your cards or print them yourself.  I use because I've never been unhappy with their products.  They are significantly less expensive than Hallmark and will turn your order around quickly.  They have several variations from which you can choose.

Christmas ornament from the beach.So get moving and send out something that shows everyone that you're more original than the stuff their sending out.  You'll have fun putting them together.  And make sure you take lots of photos during your holidays for next year's cards.

German Christmas candles