Fall Already?—How Time Flies

We had the great fortune to have Sarah’s daughter visiting us this last weekend and took advantage of the gorgeous weather to get out and see some of the local scenery.  It has been dramatic how quickly the leaves have changed all across the area. We found a 19th century farm nearby that was celebrating their heritage as part of the local Civil War history.  http://www.historicweston.org/

It was fascinating to listen to the local members of the Warrenton Antiquarian Society act out the lives of the residents.  This gentleman portrayed a younger man to joined the local Confederate militia two weeks before the First Bull Run battle and was promptly wounded and died.

 After such arduous learning we had to relax in the pumpkin patch.

That also proved very tiring, so we wandered off to visit a few local wineries.  Most of the harvest is completed, but a few grapes are left hanging for late harvest wines to come.  We wound up lounging on Marterella’s patio to reflect on just how lucky we are.