Pre-Walk Walk

I had a great time at the Worldwide Photowalk.  We had a jovial group of photographers; fantastic weather; and a fine end point in the DoG St. Pub.  Most of us stayed in a loose group and enjoyed some nice, photo-geek conversation during the grueling, mile and a half in two hours.  I'm looking forward to seeing the photos uploaded to the Photowalk site.  You should really plan to join us on one of these photowalks.  It's all about fun.  Here is the group. 2012 Worldwide Photowalk in Williamsburg, VaMark posted some nice photographs from the walk, so I won't pile on more.  However, we went out the night before the photowalk to Colonial Parkway for sunset along the James River.  You can't waste good light when you have a camera in your hand.  ;-)

The sun was low in the sky and colors were starting to change already by the time we got there, so it became a race to the darkness.  We were just driving along the Parkway until we saw something of interest, and we'd jump out for a couple of quick shots.  Then, back in the car and down the Parkway for the next unknown stop.  It was quite a challenge for both of us.

The point of land with pine trees had the color reflecting from the sun (behind us) and the blue of the James River.

Pines at sunset, along the James River, VaThe farm was nice, but nothing special.  So, I shot it in a panoramic of 5 photos for fun.  You can see by the shadows that sun is almost gone.

farm at sunsetFinally, we came out of the trees, just before the sun was gone.  We didn't have more than a couple of minutes, and I didn't think the pond would hold enough interest, even with the reflection.  I focused on the close reeds and let the sunset go soft.

Sunset along the James River, VaI was much happier the next day when I could get back to photographing people.

Town gossip in Colonial Williamsburg, Va