A Crowded and Varied Week

Sometimes we have to take a break and just go away for a weekend.  I’ve been promising Sarah a trip to the Amish country around Lancaster and Gettysburg all year long.  So we took advantage of the gorgeous last weekend of summer to travel the 3 hours into Pennsylvania.  Before we left though, we got to see something else, something not witnessed in this region since the 1930’s.  We got to see the Nationals clinch a playoff berth for the National League East.  This also gives me an opportunity to demonstrate just what a difference the new significantly higher ISO and 24 megapixels can let me do that was impossible before.  You can actually capture the deformation of the bat hitting the baseball, at night from way beyond the third base line. 


OK, back to Strasburg, PA.  The Amish and Mennonite communities still farm in the traditional ways, using horse drawn plows.  We spotted these men harvesting their tobacco crop and just had to capture it.  I wanted to push the colors so that it looked like the Kodachrome images from the mid-40s and also thought that this could have been a scene unchanged from the mid-19th century as well.

One of the primary attractions of Strasburg is the antique steam railroad.  I love the old trains.  This weekend happened to also be a very special event—Thomas the Tank Engine was there.   Let’s just say that Sarah was quite giddy and it was a delight to see. 

Finally, we capped off the weekend with an all too brief visit to Gettysburg.  No matter how many times I visit the thoughts of the struggle there always moves me. 

Only a few more weeks until the Worldwide Photowalk in Williamsburg, we are filling up, but still have a few slots left, so please join us.