No Jamestown

Last weekend, we made a quick trip to Williamsburg, to map out the route for the Worldwide Photowalk, on 13 Oct.  Have you signed up for one of the walks, yet?  (You can sign up for our walk here.)   There are only 50 spots per walk, so sign up soon, even if you aren't going to join Mark and me. Since Jamestown is right next door, I hoped to get some photographs of that historical site, but the rain on Saturday was unrelenting.  We were shut out completely; skunked.

So, my blog topic was blown.  I struggled to find a topic.  Maybe talk about concert photography.  There are some special challenges there.  The fast pace, the crowds, the special lights, the limited time given to photographers during the concert.  But my most recent concert photography did not quite seem to fit.

Band in German Village, Columbus, OhioI've had a request to do something about pet photography, but I don't own a pet and the last animal I spent time on was also, alas, not a really inspiring subject.

squirrel on a fenceSo, bear with me this week.  I'll work up something for next week.  Luckily, it was nice on Sunday on the photowalk route trip, and I got a few nice shots.  I've been to Williamsburg many times, but always enjoy making photographs there.  Around every corner, you'll find another subject for your camera.

Colonial Williamsburg buildingThere are people playing roles of famous and ordinary people of the colony.  They are throughout the Colonial Williamsburg area, moving around the streets, seemingly oblivious to the shorts and t-shirts of the modern tourists.  I make a special effort to keep the tourists and any other modern things outside the frame.

colonist in WilliamsburgTo get the best photographs, I enjoy going into the craft and artisan shops.  The craftsmen are working on the chores of the times, using the same tools and materials the colonists did.  You need to purchase a pass to go into most of these locations, but it is worth the price.

cabinetmaker in Colonial Williamsburg, VirginiaOh yeah, the purpose of the weekend was the route.  Here it is.  An easy, fun route that begins in the Visitor Center parking lot (Lot A) and ends at the Dog St. Pub.  Again, I hope we see you there.

Photowalk route