Practice Makes Perfect

Folks, the last two blogs have been about some resources available to you that will help improve your skills.  My wife and I were discussing people’s learning patterns the other day and that made me think about tonight’s topic.  I am one of those very weird people who can read something and then retain most of it.  For practical things like Photoshop though, it is one thing to read about a technique, but unless you actually do it yourself, it just doesn’t stick. We keep encouraging people to join NAPP. Aside from the discounts which pay for your membership quickly, there are lots of tutorials available only to members.  In addition you get the NAPP Photoshop User Magazine, either hardcopy or available electronically at Zinio.  Each edition has articles detailing particular techniques.  For most of these articles, you can download the accompanying graphic files from the website so you can practice along at home.  I try to work through them all each time, even for the things that I think I already know. 

The articles provide pretty detailed instructions and show the intermediary steps, so you can see if your work actually looks like what they are telling you to do.   It also lets you go off and make variations just to see what happens when you adjust the settings. 

This issues article creates a logo that strongly resembles one of the district logos from the “Hunger Games”.  They often try to recreate cool effects from movie posters, or current cultural events to show you the design tools behind the scenes. 

It really helps overcome the feeling of intimidation that many feel when they look at the Photoshop interface and try to figure out “what do I do next?”