Learning from Professionals

There is so much to learn about technique, composition, printing and the tools of the trade.  The best way to improve your own skills is to work with someone better.  Trust me there is always someone better. It’s no secret that Joe McNally is one of my favorite photographers in the world.   If you want to learn 3D Photoshop effects, then RC Concepcion is probably the guy who knows the most.  Unfortunately they don’t hang around Northern VA a lot waiting to sit side by side and teach me how to be a better shooter, or graphic artist.  I also can’t seem to afford to go off to the high-end courses in places like St. Lucia or Maine for a week at a time.  The good news is that there are lots of solutions out there.  As a National Association of Photoshop Professional (NAPP) member there are lots of tutorials on our website. You’ve heard both Roger and I strongly recommend joining. 

The good folks at NAPP have also established another way to get training, at your own pace, on whatever media device you choose; it is called Kelbytraining .com.   www.kelbytraining.com

It is a subscription service and you can take a “test drive” to see if it is your cup of tea.

There are hundreds of courses already up and more added every week.

You can browse by category or by your favorite instructor.  Just look at all the great courses taught by Joe!

You can do this online, or there is an ipad/iphone app available.  I think it is also available for Android devices as well.

We are setting up a way for you to connect to the Kelbytraining through our site, so watch for more info.