Well, You Are My Type

It has been a while since we have done anything with a Photoshop tutorial.  These days I spend most of my time in Lightroom working with the pictures themselves.  There are things you just can’t do in that program, that still require Photoshop.  One of the features that fascinates me most is the flexibility you can have in adding text to your document. This is just going to be a basic introduction to some of the control you  have to get the words looking just as you want them.

First text is treated as a separate sort of layer in PS.  You can transform it, add layer styles and apply all kinds of effects.

The type tool is the big T on the side menu.  You have a wide range of installed fonts, which can be selected in the window on top.

Some sets of fonts have additional features which can be accessed through the character/paragraph panel.  You can purchase fonts which include a variety of stylistic flourishes.  If you do weddings and such they are probably a good investment.

There are several ways you can control how your text appears, beyond just selecting the basic size. 



 The term “kerning” is one you should learn.  It controls the space between the letters.  Not all characters take up the same space. You can change some of them or all of them via the panel.

A second option is to actually stretch or compress the letters.  It doesn’t alter the relationship between them, just drags it out.

On the top panel you also have an option to warp your text to follow a variety of shapes.

As with everything in Photoshop, the best way to learn what these features can do, is to play with them.