Chameleon Animals?

Here is an easy color shifting trick I did for our grandkids while their parents were goofing off in Hawaii.  This is a simple effect you can do in any post-processing program that allows you to create layers and masks.  They were amazed at my chameleon animals (little kids are so easy to impress).  ;-) Flamingo

I started with a simple flamingo photo from the Virginia Safari adventure we took them on last weekend.  If you're in the western part of Virginia, this a fun place to take the kids.  You'll get animal photos without bars, and the kids will be able to get very close to the animals - especially, if you spring for some of the feed buckets.  Be careful of the camels because they'll snatch the buckets right from the kids' hands.

There are several ways to proceed from your original photo.  I went into Photoshop and added a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer.  This layer comes up with a mask already attached.  When you mask out everything but the bird, your changes will only affect that part of your photo.  Remember, white reveals and black conceals.  Here is the panel shot and a close up of the mask.

Photoshop Hue/Saturation Panel Mask of flamingo

Now, all you have to do is make adjustments to the three sliders until the new color you want comes through.  Once you have everything set up, you should call in the little ones, and let them watch you moving the Hue slider make and forth to show them the flamingo changing colors like a chameleon.

Shifting colors on flamingo

You may think you need a color to shift for this effect, but this can work on animals with white coloration, too.  The girls like purple and pink zebras.

color shifting zebras

You may choose to do this on other objects, without the pint-sized peanut gallery, but this simple post-processing technique is guaranteed fun for all.