Happy Birthday America

Today is the 4th of July, a day celebrating the birth of our nation. Traditionally we get to spend time grilling meats, drinking barley pops and blowing things up with friends and family.  All of which are good things. What we really need to remember on this day is why we are a nation and how we got here.  We could still all be subjects of the Queen.  The Royal Palace in Williamsburg could be more than just a great tourist attraction.  Our ancestors mostly chose to come here to seek a better life.  Some did not come here by choice, but through the belief and sacrifice of thousands now have freedom and opportunity.  As Americans, we have had to continually fight for ourselves and for others to maintain those ideals.  We should reflect on those who have paid that ultimate price.  Take time to recall that all around the world right now, young men and women are far from their homes,on watch protecting us.  Enjoy the day, but never forget the price we pay to celebrate our freedom.