Under the Hood

Sunday was Father’s day, and Warrenton has an annual old car show along Main Street.  Now I am not much of a “car” guy, but I knew that this would provide an opportunity to get up close to take pictures of other people’s expensive hobbies.  Sarah graciously came with Roger and I to wander in and among the vehicles.  I challenged myself to only shoot with my 105 Macro, to see if I could find the bits of the car which could show off the whole thing.  It is impressive to find the little additions to these custom machines.  I couldn’t pass up Ms. Boop.


I love the older models, with the detailed vents.  The really old Ford truck still had its wooden spoked wheels. Some of the restored interiors were just seductive, where the leather just glowed.

The amazingly clean engines seemed to be ready to roar into life under the chrome of their pipes and valves.  The weather was perfect and it made for a really great day.