Getting in close

Macro photography helps show the details of the world that otherwise would be too small to see.  With the new camera and my macro-lens I shot some of my favorite subjects—day lilies early in the morning last week while I was out on the Eastern shore. With this kind of lens you can control the depth of field down to very thin slices of focus.  That ability to control where the viewer’s eyes go before you shoot the picture is where the art is. There had been some rain at dawn and it was still hanging on the petals.

The empty spider web made me wonder where the spider had wandered off to, that early in the morning.

One of the most fascinating things in photography is that if you wait 5 minutes the changing light gives you an entirely different image.  Just stay in place and keep shooting.  It really is a good exercise to increase your understanding of just how important the relationship is between the light and the shadows.  It is really the shadows which provide the depth and the context for the rest of the image.