The Last Blog Blog

Thanks to everyone who sent emails and comments on our blog's new look.  We are trying to keep improving our site, and your input is crucial to that effort.  Let us know if things aren't working for you - the other day, everything looked fine in Firefox and Chrome, but in Internet Explorer the right gutter was messed up.  Sigh.... We keep our blogs short, so people will be able to fit them into their busy schedules.  We've been breaking big topics down into their components, hopefully, making them easier to digest.   This also makes it easier on us since we have family commitments and "real" jobs that fill our time.

We've had a few requests for more photo walk-throughs in which we show the photo from the camera to the finished photo, with the intermediate steps.  OK, no problem.  I was caught off guard by folks asking about some things we've already covered in the past.  We try not to repeat ourselves, but I guess we didn't do an adequate job earlier or folks aren't searching the archives.  Mark just did an organization and Lightroom blog (two other frequent requests.)

We are open to all suggestions, and we love to see comments on the blog or the Facebook page.

One of our favorite requests was for a place to buy some of our photos.  We set up an account with Zenfolio to handle that.  All you have to do is click on the Gallery link at the top of the blog.  There is a big selection of print sizes.  The prints are made by (which both of us use) and delivered to your door.  We didn't want to create a huge pile of photos for people to fade through, so we'll limit each catalog to no more than 15 photos from each of us.

To thank all of you who requested them, we have a special coupon for 25% off any and all print purchases through 30 June.  Just enter the coupon code INTRO1 at the checkout.  Thanks again.

Finally, this is the Manassas train station.  My son-in-law and I were out early a couple of weeks ago, and this is one of my favorites.  Get out there and have yourself some fun.

Train station in Manassas, Virginia